6 Best Abs Workouts Every Fitness Freak Should Know

abs workout

Summer has already banged in and that implies it is time to show off your skin and lean body shape. For more wows, the one thing you would require is toned abs, and this you have to start doing right away.

There is no point to think again about the fact that you would truly feel bored and demotivated if you have only the traditional abs workouts in your repertoire. Just simple planks or crunches can help you tone your abs, but you must not be limited to them.

If you wish to resort to something new and interesting that can make your exercise routine exciting and motivate then try these 6 abs workouts that will help you get toned and killer abs. With these exercises, you can get tone upper abs, oblique and lower abs. The best thing is that these abs exercises are simple and you can perform them even at your home, without spending extra bucks on the gym.


Basic pilates maneuver can be an intense abs workout and make you feel the burn in your upper abs. So, pilates is excellent to not just work on the top layer of your abdominal muscles but to tone them from beneath.

You can start it by lying flat on the floor and then lifting your upper back off the floor till your shoulder blades touch the floor slightly. You need to lift your legs to a 45 Degree angle and keep both your arms at sides around 2inches above the floor. Breathe in and pump your arms down and up for five minutes. Breathe out, and repeat the pumping process for another five minutes.