Sex is the most thought about and less talked about word in our life. Most people see sex as merely a physical need, but sex is beyond all the facts.

Kissing, caressing, foreplay and finally, the lovemaking not only helps you express your love for your partner but also to touch his/her soul.

It is even said that the happier and contended the sex is, the happier would be your relationship.

Apart from the physical pleasure, sex can be emotionally delightful and mentally enchanting and this is the reason why great importance is laid in improving the sex drive.

Following are the ways by which you can boost your performance in the act.

1Get Proper Sleep

We are always busy in doing work to keep our job security and get better out of it. But in the hustle bustle of promotions and monetary achievements, most of us sacrifice our sleep.

The mobile games and social media platforms have also curbed a few more hours of our sleep.

Resultantly, we are often sleep deprived which causes stress, fatigue, and irritation. Also, due to the tiredness, people show the lack of interest in sex. So, proper sleep is necessary to keep you happy and robust and to add the zeal in your sex life.



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